What zinc does for the body

Zinc is a mineral that helps support your health and wellbeing. This essential mineral is found in a range of foods and dietary supplements, and it helps to support your immune system as well as contributes to the maintenance of your skin and hair.

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How zinc helps the body

  • Immunity – zinc supports your immune system
  • Skin, hair nails & bones – zinc contributes to maintaining normal skin, hair, nails and bones
  • Antioxidant – zinc helps to protect cells from oxidative stress
  • DNA – zinc contributes to normal DNA synthesis

Where is zinc found?

Zinc can be found naturally in a number of foods, including shellfish, meat, dairy, nuts and beans.

oysters and some types of seafood (crab and lobster)


lean red meat (beef, pork and bison)


dairy products (milk, yogurt and cheeses)


nuts (almonds and hazelnuts)




What is the recommended daily dose for zinc?

10mg is the NRV, which stands for the Nutritional Reference Value. This is the daily amount of a vitamin or mineral that the average person should aim to include in their diet.

Zinc cannot be stored by the body, which means you need to get it regularly through your diet, but sometimes you might want a little extra help. You can find zinc in all Berocca products – so why not try adding a glass of Berocca to your daily routine?


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