How to wake up and seize the day

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While many of us have good intentions of being a morning person and springing out of bed at the crack of dawn, the reality is often very different.
Snooze buttons are pushed, duvets are crawled under and getting up is delayed another ten minutes. And another. And another…  
But there are a few tried and tested ways to make the prospect of leaving your bed less daunting. Berocca looks at how you can ensure your day gets off to the best possible start with an energy boost rather than a tired yawn…

How to wake in the morning

  • Get a good night’s sleep –high quality sleep is essential for our body to function properly the following day. So, allow yourself time to wind down of a night time, avoid your phone screen as it emits blue light which tricks your body into believing it is daytime, and try to withhold from watching that next episode on Netflix.
  • Prepare for the morning – preparing your things for the day ahead can influence a better sleep, and make your morning less stressful. Laying out your clothes, organising your bag and making your lunch the night before takes pressure off the chaotic, rushed morning routine.
  • Wake up to natural light – although some of us need to wake before the sun rises, summer is a perfect time to allow your body to wake up naturally to the sunlight. Being exposed to more natural light during the day, and less artificial light during the night can improve our circadian rhythm, otherwise known as the ‘body-clock’ – this is what lets us know when it is time to sleep and wake. So, while for many people ditching the alarm clock isn’t an option, for those of us lucky enough to be able to wake up to natural sunlight – do it!

How to get up in the morning

  • Beat the chills – if you’re struggling to get up because of the warmth your bed provides, try setting your central heating to come on in the morning, so waking up is not doubled with being cold. Waking up is made easier with the tips above, however staying awake throughout the day can prove difficult.
  • Avoid hitting the snooze button – you’re very likely to feel even more tired after waking up from pressing the snooze button. Those few minutes only allow you to have a light sleep, skipping the much-needed deep sleep you need before waking up – this can lead to a groggy, sluggish feeling.

Have a nutritious breakfast to look forward to – make time to have something healthy to eat in the morning, whether a high-protein breakfast with poached eggs or a yoghurt parfait, topped with flaxseeds, nuts and dried fruit (which can even be made the night before and put in the fridge).

Combine this with a Berocca effervescent tablet mixed with water which will help you feel energised, as it is packed with vitamin B1, B2 and B12, which are scientifically proven to support energy release.

Finally, carpe diem – seize the day! Set yourself a goal or have something to look forward to. Whether it’s an assignment you’re determined to complete or a freshly brewed coffee you can’t wait to indulge in, plan your day and achieve your aims.


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